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Woodlines March Newsletter


    Your “Retreat Booster” : a reminder to take that time and look after yourself. 

What does Spring mean to you?  

In nature, this is a season of renewal and transition, of rising energy, regeneration and growth. 

According to our human calendar, the 1st March is the official start of Spring; and we’ve even had to squeeze in a leap year to try and make things fit, but nature flows according to slowly evolved biological processes, instincts and behaviours, influenced by the complexities of solar, lunar, meteorological and the myriad of other environmental conditions. 

In this way, perhaps, Spring serves as a reminder to refresh our relationship with factors that influence our behaviours: to be curious and flexible about how we can interact with our environment or conditions in order to nurture the Spring in our steps… and to thrive, not just survive. 

How can you do this?

Maybe see if any of these questions open up new ways of seeing and being:

- What is it that lifts my energy? 

- When do I feel most at ease with, or most positive about my behaviour? 

- What actions, however tiny,  can I take to shift towards Spring-like growth and optimism?

Whatever you ponder - take each moment that you can over the coming weeks to get outside in natural daylight: 

- feel the wind, rain or sunshine on your face, 

- use all your senses to notice what is changing (changing birdsong, the earthy smell of spring, soft new leaves to feel, flowers and herbs emerging...)

- breathe it in.

-  notice how you feel

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