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"I feel so lucky to have been able to attend this retreat, meet some inspiring people and I have learned so much from everyone. I hope this continues for years to come and many people will benefit from it. Thank you so much." GP

"highly recommend because, in this job, we never have taken enough time for ourselves to acknowledge what a hard time we have" Consultant Paediatrician 

"a life saving experience and life changing . thank you" GP

"It was an excellent physical and psychological space for unpacking emotions, reflecting and recharging in a safe, compassionate and well-supported environment. Balm for the soul!" Consultant Anaesthetist

"Fantastic opportunity to connect with yourself, analyse your thoughts & feelings in beautiful countryside, facilitated by experienced and empathetic faculty" Psychiatrist 

Jo and Lalith in themselves were positive throughout. We learned a lot through the workshops with them. I loved experiencing yoga and the sound bath for the first time and enjoyed every part of the retreat. GP

Do it. You will find it tough but you will benefit! Anaesthetist

"The facilitators were excellent and made me feel welcome and supported.
The food was INCREDIBLE, thank you Catriona." GP

"I liked the fact that the individual alone/quiet time increased throughout the retreat, which meant I could use it to apply what I was learning." Paediatrician

(there were) "limited numbers of participants, varied activities, lots of freedom to participate or not, very compassionate faculty, amazing venue, space to emotionally "unpack" (about the right length of time)"... Consultant 

I enjoyed "the remote surroundings and ability to connect with the outdoors, the food!, the ability of the faculty to connect with the participants and to provide the experience of the techniques they were teaching us about and utilising ... " GP

'Beautifully led, lovely people, great workshops, awesome food, gorgeous setting, thought provoking- it was a fantastic experience and I have taken away a lot from it. Thank you.' GP

'I was surprised at how useful I found the whole retreat. I had expected it to be a nice break away from work and normal responsibilities. I hadn’t expected to work through a whole lot of stress that I didn’t even know I was carrying. I didn’t expect to meet so many amazing people and to be met with so much love and support by a group of strangers.' ICU Consultant 

'I have gone home feeling more balanced, more in tune with myself and with an appreciation of what I need to make me happy. Also, the food was out of this world.' Consultant Surgeon

'Time for myself, away from the distractions of home and work. Beautiful countryside,fresh air and walks, meditation, mindfulness and story telling sessions. Wonderful supportive faculty and lovely group of people. Food was just superb!' Paeds SPR
'The setting and the food were amazing !!!' Psychiatrist
The time to think and reflect. Lovely to meet different people with different experiences and reflections. EM Consultant



We sat in the round in the rooks nest, 

I listened to the sounds from the mouth from the sore chests,

Each one of us a water feature some pouring out,

Others sitting quietly wondering how to make a spout.

She gave the pain wings and set it aflight,

She showed us the dress that she may well burn tonight,

It seemed like a search light shining in my soul,

Can I even find the places that aren't yet whole?

And what about value, identity, denial? 

What about the judgments that lay behind the smiles? 

The judgments of ourselves, the judgments of others, 

Eating away the goodness like woodworm under the covers. 

And what about the promises broken, the promises of self-care?

To sleep at least nine hours, to get out in nature and breathe fresh air? 

And why are we trapped in this binary outcome of pass or fail? 

And how do we stop caring what other people think, is that the Holy Grail? 

I don't have all the answers and neither do I have to,

I don't have words of wisdom, but I will hear you and I will see you,

I will feel the grass beneath my feet,  birdsong in my ear,

I will practice bamboo breathing and be present, choose to be truly here. 

So tip the scales of status quo and let's go on a journey!

Throw off the shackles of expectations, and allow our hearts to speak,

It takes courage to be our authentic selves and step into the unknown,

But one thing I know for sure, I am not alone.

Angela Denner - June 2022

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