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June 10-13th
Summer Retreat

What to expect

2pm on Monday to 2pm on Thursday. 

Early Bird discount price of £965 if booked before 1st May 2024. To enquire CLICK HERE

Our June retreat is a little different to the usual Woodlines "line-up" as we won't have our usual Story-telling workshops with Lalith Wijedoru. Nevertheless, we will still share stories and learn as a group with the focus being nature connectedness and mindful creativity.

We will have beautiful and delicious vegetarian food, enjoy a kind and welcoming atmosphere and spend ample time out in the fresh air. 

Step away from your daily life to stay in your own room with no-one asking for your attention and no-one to care for but yourself.

We will invite you to give yourself the time and space to think about what you don't normally have time to.

If you wish you can try guided creative writing, painting or sketching, or just rest and connect to your thoughts without the distractions and responsibilities of day to day life. 

There will be the opportunity to try out some evidence based activities to help you think purposefully about what you need to flourish, and explore how to manage the stressors and drains in your life and allow you to grow and feel valued.  Or you can do as little as you need to do... at our invitation, and without any shame.

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