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The Team

We are here to make sure you put yourself first.

Jo Hacking

Retreat organiser. Founder and Director of About Wellbeing Ltd

As Founder of "About Wellbeing Ltd" she is a transformational coach, mental health and wellbeing advocate, retreat organiser and a mum of three. She believes fervently in our need for connection with nature, green spaces and woodland for our own health and for the future of our natural environment.
Jo has a medical background in Paediatric Emergency Medicine. She experienced a burnout and mental illness journey some years ago and learnt the perils of ignoring warning signs, and the joy of small steps based on personal values providing lasting change...

Dr Jo Hacking

Lalith Wijedoru

Story sharing guide and retreat facilitator

Lalith has enjoyed a career in paediatrics and paediatric emergency medicine, as an educator, researcher, and a clinician in low-resource settings across Asia. He is a storyteller and facilitator, health and wellbeing advocate and massage therapist and - among many other talents founder of Behind Your Mask

Dr Lalith Wijedoru

Catriona Butcher

Retreat Caterer

Catriona is an experienced caterer and host who specialises in plant based and 'free from' catering. She is a passionate advocate for eating nutritionally balanced, natural. She will be on site to provide home cooked meals for us. using as much local and seasonal produce as possible to make you feel cared for and good from the inside.

Catriona Butcher - our wonderful caterer.

Dr. Katya Miles

Career Coach, Wellbeing Trainer, Specialist in Workplace Wellbeing, Former GP & Occupational Health Doctor

Katya is a GP and Occupational Health Doctor turned Wellbeing Trainer,  Career Coach & Specialist in Workplace Wellbeing. She has worked at the Mayo Clinic, USA & in the UK as a GP for both civilians & the Armed Forces; as well as in Occupational Health. 

Having navigated through Burnout she is passionate about helping healthcare professionals thrive at work. 

This passion drove her to establish the Working Well Doctor (,

where she uses her professional expertise and life experience to empower others to thrive at work with career coaching, workplace wellbeing and creative writing training.

We have the pleasure of her joining us with a Creative Writing workshop.

Dr Katya Miles


Senior Yoga Teacher, Authentic Self-Care Coach and founder of One Day Retreats

Maura's love of yoga is infectious. Committed to offering a deeper experience she will encourage you to reach further by breathing fully and feeling deeply. Her 20 years of yoga experience range from the dynamic Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga to the gentler Somatics, Yin and Restorative Yoga. With a keen interest in mindfulness and meditation, her unique style is infused with these. Always taught from the heart, Maura's gently flowing yoga is a compassionate blend of deep breathing and mindful moving.

Maura of Tranquil Flow Yoga

Jeni England

Retreat Caterer

Self taught, Jeni began cooking at a young age through an interest in trying different flavours and experimenting with techniques in the kitchen. This progressed to hosting dinner parties for friends, where her passion for bringing people together with food started.

Cooking from the heart rather than using a fixed recipe plan, Jeni’s food is vibrant, packed full of flavour and always offers something new and exciting. However, the ingredients and recipes remain simple enough that she can write it down so that you can easily recreate it at home!

Jeni England - caterer and Yoga instructor
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