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Woodlines Retreat

A retreat for Doctors

"an invaluable opportunity to refocus and learn to take care of yourself as well as others"

Retreat dates:

24-27th April 2023 - final space available

12-15th June 2023 - now booking


25-28th September - now booking

To book - email:

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An invitation to step away

Set at Sheepdrove Organic Farm

3 nights accommodation

Your own double, en suite room

Professional catering 

Facilitated workshops

Well-being activities

Small group (max 8 guests)

Time for rural solitude

CPD certificate 

£965 all inclusive

This is a not for profit event. Any profit will be donated to the charities Doctors in Distress and The Royal Medical Benevolent Fund. 

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Fully accredited with CPDUK as an About Wellbeing Retreat

This retreat can be considered a business expense (for personal development) and is fully accredited as providing 16 hours of approved CPD training. Retreats offer an immersive learning opportunity and safe environment for Doctors to explore and address their individual well-being needs: to learn skills and strategies to apply in their onward personal and professional journey. Each retreat will be delivered to a small group of doctors with a tailored range of coaching, workshops and wellbeing activities.This CPD provision does not detract from the experience being a retreat in the traditional sense of the word!

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Wellbeing for doctors.

Doctors inherently have a very particular relationship with wellbeing. Thoughts of seeking support, or talking about feelings of vulnerability are often coupled with a sense of shame, or fear of judgement. As healers our training is filled with a vision of providing the best care for others. This retreat offers you a chance to take time to consider your own needs in a meaningful way, and be kind to yourself. The power of this to make a difference should not be under-estimated.
On our journey to developing this retreat we have had guidance and support from so many helpful people and organisations. Our mission is to make events and spaces for our profession and professional colleagues a part of the fabric rather than a peripheral after-thought.

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One role of the team is to signpost guests to suitable additional support if this is requested. Other Valuable sources of advice and support are available if you need them. We have listed a few here...

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